personnel grooming make up classes

 1.Personnel grooming

A] product knowledge, product usage,brushes usage

Duration:2 days

Hours: 10:30am to5.00pm

Start Date: On clients availability.

2. Professional Make up Course {Basic Foundation with Advance Technics]
This is the course to work your way , if you want to make  career  with in make up industry and hair.

A] Client Service and Care

B]Client prepping

C] Product Knowledge

D]Product selection and usage

E]Brushes : Usage and maintenance

F] Different Foundation Techniques & Tools

G] Different Types of Eye Make up

H] Eyebrows Techniques

I] Contouring

K] Ramp Make Up

L]Portfolio Make Up

M]Bridal Make Up

N] Male Make Up

O] Televison Make Up

P]Outdoor and Party Make Up

Q] Make Up Theory

R]Ample time to practice etc……………….

 Duration : 3 weeks { Monday to Friday}

Hours: 6 hours daily

Batch Strength: 4 people per batch


Hair and Make up  go hand in hand .from classic buns tothe messy lower buns or a stylist and sleek updo

a] sleek pony tail

b]loose /tight curls

c] Bridal Bun

d]Messy Bun

e] Low Bun

f] Open Hair styling

g] Side messy braid

h] Product Knowledge

i]Tools and Usage

Duration: 3 hours with practice

Days Monday to Friday



A Saree is elegant and traditional wear  fit for any occasion at any age . How to drape a saree takes skill,  so learning to drape a saree right way .

Duration : 6 hours